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Dmitry Khovanskiy, editor and photographer

Born in 1984, Moscow.

In 2006 graduated from Moscow Aviation Institute with a major in applied mathematics.

In 2012 — completed a course on performing arts in the Institute of Russian Theater under the guidance of the professor Mark Rozovsky, People's Artist of the Russian Federation.

In 2017 — graduated from the Moscow Institute of Professional and Amateur Photography (at RUSS PRESS PHOTO agency) and obtained a diploma of professional retraining in photojournalism.

Since 2012, I have been the editor and photographer in the Moscow Hermitage Theater.

Currently live and work in Moscow.



Series of 15 photos (from project “Keep the cages open before you leave”) took the first place (series) in the contest "Science and Ecology", The II International Photofestival PhotoKrok 2017, Vitebsk, Belarus.

Photographic film with some of the photos from project “Keep the cages open before you leave” took part in the VIII International Festival of Photography “Photovisa” 2016  (Multimedia show, Selection of Irina Chmyreva, Art-Director of the Festival), Krasnodar, Russia.