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Jubilee and encyclopedic notes in celebration of the sixtieth anniversary of The Moscow Hermitage Theatre.


Each theater is a people first of all. Actors, directors, authors, workshops, administration, spectators, friends—hundreds of people who give and concentrate their energy at one point. Someone comes here every day to work, someone—once every six months for a new premiere, someone disappears, new ones appear. Creation, creativity, rehearsals, entertainment, relaxation, routine—for the Hermitage this movement hasn’t stopped for sixty years, regardless of how many years each of us has been serving here. Don’t close your eyes to what was before you.

In 2016, due to tragic circumstances, the theater’s warehouse collapsed, most of the archive (with the exception of photos saved by sheer luck), the scenery of some performances, many costumes were lost...

This book is an attempt to restore at least a small part of the lost memory.

This book is about the history of The Moscow Hermitage Theatre and about the people without whom it’s impossible to imagine today's Hermitage. To a large extent, this is a reference book or encyclopedia “staged” in a slightly lighter and free genre on 264 pages, in 410 illustrations, photographs and sketches. In addition to pictures from the theater’s archive and cards from open sources, the book includes a significant number of my photographs of the theater’s life today—portraits of actors, directors, artists, composers, choreographers, theater workers, photographs of current repertoire performances.


The book is in Russian with a partial translation into English (a brief biography of the artistic director, a brief historical notes, descriptions of the current repertoire performances, etc.)


Compiled, edited, artist, layout prepress, as well as the author of the photographs of the sections “Current Repertoire” (except signed), “Theatre troupe” and “Play with us”—Dmitry Khovanskiy

English translation—Maria Staryguina

Published by The Moscow Hermitage Theatre


Photos have been post-processed.

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Printed by ALFA-DESIGN

264 pages

Format: 180 x 270 x 32 mm

Paper: Ozon 150 г/м2

The book is published in an edition of 150 numbered copies.


Moscow, 2019.